At different stages of your life, when new situations push and challenge you, you’re unlikely to be fully aware of your best way forward. You can help yourself when you have someone alongside to reflect and echo. Your Echo will genuinely appreciate you, will understand you well enough to stand in your shoes, and will gently highlight your strengths so that you can break through. The right coach is that Echo and Anna is the right coach.

P&G Alumna

Transformation is part of the journey.

Transformation is our way of connecting with our true selves. It is a path to happiness and success in professional and personal life. It is growth and development and a contribution to something significant.

It’s a challenge, an art, a work in progress. It’s about understanding yourself and others better, changing yourself and life around you, being more of who you are. And it’s a journey—not a destination.

I am happy to be your coach, your thinking partner on this journey, offering you my support, challenging you gently and with a sense of humor.


I’m very happy to welcome you on your transformational journey!



When was the last time you asked yourself what do you really want and what matters in your career?

It sounds like a cliché, yet the increasing pace of our lives makes us constantly busy. We rarely stop and think, let alone think about things we want…


Psychological Safety & Negative Feedback

July 21, 2021

This event was organized by The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines, in partnership with Investors in People, Haraya Coaching, and Anna Kotskaya.


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